Awards Season 2017: Records and Milestones


So it’s been a week since the Oscars and to be honest, I’m still trying to recover… In fact, I was going to write an entry on my thoughts about this awards season, but the wound is still fresh (maybe next time). So instead, here is an entry on the many records smashed this awards season because yes, it’s been a good year for movies and diversity (and when I say “smashed this awards season” what I really mean is “smashed at this year’s Academy Awards and maybe some other shows”). If you type “Oscars 2017 records” or “Golden Globes 2017 records” on Google, the headline that is invariably going to appear is “La La Land receives record-tying 14 Oscar nominations” and “La La Land wins record-breaking 7 Golden Globes”. And let’s face it, for someone like me who loves La La Land (and will continue to love it until the end of time), that is really cool. But these were not the only records broken in a year unquestionably more diverse than the previous two editions of #OscarsSoWhite. So, here are some of the records and milestones of the 2017 awards season:


Oscars 2017: And the nominees are…


Academy Members joined Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs in the announcement of this year’s Academy Awards nominations. Breaking with tradition, the presentation did not follow the typical press conference format, with invited journalists, but instead was broadcasted live worldwide via different outlets, including a new format for a new generation. Actors and other industry professionals were invited to talk about their experiences as Oscar nominees and winner, a format I consider way better than two actors on a stage reading names in front of journalist. The Academy is doing is best to be fresh and young, and leaving behind its image of traditional institution out of touch with younger generations of viewers.

Happy Meryl Streep Day!


As some of you may know, my passion for cinema began with Meryl Streep. Not only is she my favorite actress in the whole world (like many other people out there), she is also one of the people who have inspired me the most in my entire life (and as a bonus, I’ve met her twice). Today, May 27 (actually, as I write this it’s not May 27 anymore in most parts of Europe, but it is in Los Angeles), is Meryl Streep Day! How many actors do you know have their own official day? But, of course, Meryl is not like most actors… she’s Meryl Streep!

To celebrate Meryl Streep Day, I’m going to choose 100 facts about Meryl Streep everyone should know (I have to admit, listing only 100 was extremely difficult and I’ve left so many things out)!

My Favourite Meryl Streep Performances

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Some days ago (actually quite a few days ago), June 22nd, was Meryl Streep’s birthday- who happens to be HER ROYAL HIGHNESS MAJESTIC QUEEN OF EVERYTHING Meryl Streep or simply the love of my life, Meryl Streep. Anyway, I was planning to publish this entry that same day but due to schedule conflicts I haven’t been able to post it until now, so here is it, after quite a long long long time without publishing anything (basically a month, I promise it won’t happen again). Actually, after thinking about it (and about the fact I haven’t published anything in sooooo long), this entry is sort of my own birthday present (cause it really was my birthday on July 4th) because I guess there’s nothing I’d rather talk about than Meryl.

Wishful Drinking: Carrie Fisher’s self-portrait


I guess it would be possible to think I’m not going to talk about cinema (which is basically, in case you haven’t noticed, the main reason I created this blog, right?) since Wishful Drinking was originally a one-woman play, that was turned into a book and was finally adapted for television (and released on DVD). But anyway, since Carrie Fisher is an actress (who happened to star as Princess Leia in a film you may have heard about called Star Wars) I have an excuse to write about Wishful Drinking.

La realidad en la pantalla: más que una imitación

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Me sorprendió leer en otro día en la prensa (porque me las apañé para conseguir llenar el bolso de periódicos que hablaban de los Oscar) algunos periodistas/críticos/no sé, gente…. Que se quejaba que, otorgando el premio al mejor actor a Eddie Redmayne se volvía a premiar, otro año más, a la mejor imitación en vez de la mejor interpretación (según decían, la de Michael Keaton en Birdman). Personalmente (por lo tanto de manera totalmente subjetiva) creo que Redmayne merecía el premio, su papel en The Theory of Everything es un verdadero tour de force: no sólo se mete en la piel de Stephen Hawking (una persona mundialmente conocida), sino que logra emocionar al espectador mostrando la desgarradora realidad de los efectos progresivos de una enfermedad tan devastadora como la esclerosis lateral amiotrófica (más conocida como ELA). Julianne Moore ha sido valorada por este tipo de interpretación (en Still Alice encarna a una lingüista que padece Alzheimer) entonces, ¿porqué no Redmayne? Decir que la fuerza (o valor) de su interpretación reside en el hecho que esté basada en una persona real es ser simplista: The Theory of Everything es mucho más que una capa de maquillaje.

Oscars 2015: Birdman se convierte en la reina del baile


Es lunes al mediodía y yo me dispongo a escribir la crónica de la gala de los Oscars. En la edad de la comunicaciónlas críticas de los Premios de la Academia están colgadas en Internet des de la siete de la mañana (o antes….la gente escribe muy rápido….) pero bueno, aquí va (un poco tarde) mi crítica (absolutamente personal, subjetiva y poco coherente- para qué engañarnos) de la gala de los Oscars.

Si tuviera que definir la ceremonia de este año, creo que la palabra adecuada sería “decepcionante” (iba a decir “boff” pero no creo que se considere una palabra). No es que no me esperara muchos de los premios, la Academia es lo que tiene, pero supongo que todos tenemos esperanzas secretas de que por arte de magia el premio vaya a la persona que lo merece y no al mejor publicista (y no  voy a mencionar nombres…).

Foto: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Foto: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images