I’m back! (+Lolo review)

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Dear Internet (I was going to write readers but I don’t know if there’s any of you left out there), I’ve decided to come back to my blog, after an extremely long and painful absence of several months (more than half a year). The reason I’m writing again is very simple: for those of you who do not know me personally, I moved to Los Angeles last January to study film and television at UCLA and this new environment is allowing me to attend many screenings of independent or foreign films, which would not be possible if I were anywhere else. So from now on I’m going to (try) to blog about these screenings, and perhaps some other films or celebrities that I like.

Today’s article focuses on the French film Lolo, directed, co-written and starring Julie Delpy (best known for starring in Richard Linklater’s trilogy Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight). This entry is (as usual) arriving perhaps too late, since I attended the screening a month ago (on March 3), and the movie was released and talked about the following week, but because of final exams and spring break it is the latest screening I’ve been able to attend.