Wishful Drinking: Carrie Fisher’s self-portrait


I guess it would be possible to think I’m not going to talk about cinema (which is basically, in case you haven’t noticed, the main reason I created this blog, right?) since Wishful Drinking was originally a one-woman play, that was turned into a book and was finally adapted for television (and released on DVD). But anyway, since Carrie Fisher is an actress (who happened to star as Princess Leia in a film you may have heard about called Star Wars) I have an excuse to write about Wishful Drinking.


Happy birthday Debbie Reynolds!

Old Hollywood, Stars

So today’s Debbie Reynolds’ 83rd birthday and since she is a true Hollywood icon, I mean Debbie Reynolds is an ICON (capital letters, there’s no other way to say it), I just had to write something.

Four years without Elizabeth Taylor

Old Hollywood, Stars

On 23rd March 2011, Elizabeth Taylor, one of the last icons of Hollywood’s Golden Age, passed away. I honestly can’t believe it’s been so long. Researching for this article I asked some friends who are massive Old Hollywood fans- just like me- what they were doing when they heard the news: having dinner, watching tv (I myself was living in Ireland at the time and read it in the newspaper- which I still keep- on my way to school)…the point being that an icon who had done so much for Humanity (I’m not even exaggerating) died and our lives went on (as it should be, of course).