Happy birthday Sofia Coppola!

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We’re at this point of the year when many many many things related to cinema happen and I basically don’t have time to write about it all… Anyway, Cannes Film Festival has started so I’m going to write about it….but just not today because 44 years ago one of my favourite directors (and screenwriters…at least contemporary directors-screenwriters) was born, Sofia Coppola. So basically I’m going to talk about this great artist’s career in film (it’d be rather complicated to talk about one picture because all of them are brilliant and it would almost be impossible to choose one).


Modernidad cinematográfica y autoría

European Films, Think about it...

El cine de la modernidad europea supone una ruptura de la visión clásica del medio cinematográfico como herramienta para el entretenimiento. Se trata del nacimiento de una nueva manera de hacer cine. La figura del director como autor, el director que tiene un estilo propio, como ya lo hacían John Ford o Alfred Hitchcock, se propaga a través de las diferentes cinematografías.