Happy 100th Birthday Ingrid Bergman!

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I have said it a million times and I’ll say it again: I love Ingrid Bergman. Today’s quite a special day since it’s been a century since this legend (or perhaps I should say LEGEND, in capital letters) was born and 33 since she died. My love for her can’t be described in words, and even if it were possible for me to express it, you would get bored because I could go on forever. Anyway, today’s not a normal day, so a “normal” birthday entry would not do. That’s why I’ve decided to write this entry: 100 things you should know about Ingrid Bergman on her 100th birthday.


Happy birthday Bette Davis

Old Hollywood, Stars

On this day in 1908, Bette Davis was born.

As some of you may know, Bette Davis is my Old Hollywood favorite actress. Well, I guess it’s a cliché, since she is considered one of the best actresses ever (she is ranked second in the American Film Institute’s 100 year…100 stars). It’s probably also a cliché to say it’s very difficult to choose only an aspect of her life because she was such an amazing woman and so much has been said and written about her (and not everything’s true). It’s quite clear I’m going to be writing about her again in the future so today I’m just going to talk about Bette’s early years in Hollywood and her recognition as an actress with her performance in Of Human Bondage.

Happy birthday Debbie Reynolds!

Old Hollywood, Stars

So today’s Debbie Reynolds’ 83rd birthday and since she is a true Hollywood icon, I mean Debbie Reynolds is an ICON (capital letters, there’s no other way to say it), I just had to write something.