Are we forgetting about Old Hollywood?

Old Hollywood

On April 15 1990, legendary actress Greta Garbo passed away in New York. As those of you who’ve been reading this blog for quite a time, I like to dedicate posts to people (actors or directors) for their birthdays or death anniversaries (you can check these posts in my “Wall of Fame” page). Today, since Greta Garbo means so much to me, I wanted to write something a little bit different, I wanted to tell you about the Greta Garbo films you can currently find on Netflix U.S (as of April 15, 2016), because some of you perhaps didn’t know them and would like to honor this special date with on of her films. Well, it turns out it would have been a short article since…there aren’t any!


La realidad en el Hollywood Dorado

Old Hollywood, Think about it...

El año pasado centre una de mis líneas de reflexión en el tratamiento de la realidad en el cine, siguiendo la idea que la verdad que nos trasmite un medio que se basa en captar y tratar imágenes es el contexto en el que se producen las obras: ¿qué nos dice una película sobre la sociedad y la manera de pensar en la que se produjo? Es evidente que iré desarrollando la idea (en desorden, aviso), así que, para empezar, parece interesante tratar el contexto del cine de los años 30 y 40, la influencia que tuvo en las producciones del Hollywood Dorado (de manera muy breve con ejemplos muy concretos y muy personales).

Happy birthday Bette Davis

Old Hollywood, Stars

On this day in 1908, Bette Davis was born.

As some of you may know, Bette Davis is my Old Hollywood favorite actress. Well, I guess it’s a cliché, since she is considered one of the best actresses ever (she is ranked second in the American Film Institute’s 100 year…100 stars). It’s probably also a cliché to say it’s very difficult to choose only an aspect of her life because she was such an amazing woman and so much has been said and written about her (and not everything’s true). It’s quite clear I’m going to be writing about her again in the future so today I’m just going to talk about Bette’s early years in Hollywood and her recognition as an actress with her performance in Of Human Bondage.