Oscars 2017: The 10 musicals that have won the Best Picture Oscar

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If the predictions are correct and La La Land wins Best Picture Oscar tomorrow, Damien Chazelle’s movie will be the 11th musical in Academy Awards history to take home the highest honor of the year. With this in mind, here are the 10 musicals that have won the Best Picture Oscar.


A guide to La La Land’s musical movie references

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As you may well know by now, Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is filled with movie references and most importantly, classic musical references, which is basically one of the reasons the film has been critically acclaimed. In fact, it takes a cinephile to compile such amazing yet eclectic musicals from both Hollywood and France, and turn it into a modern tribute to movie magic. But what movies are referenced? In this article my aim is to not only list them but give a brief synopsis about each of them, and as a musical enthusiast add my unsolicited opinion and some interesting trivia.

Money Monster: Not Just Hollywood Propaganda

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As you may have noticed if you have been checking Even More Cinema every now and then, I am not the best at posting content super often, especially if I’m studying because, as much as I like writing about movies, one needs to have priorities and writing a post is probably not going to change my life, whereas working on a college paper is, at least, going to make me pass. Why am I even telling you this? Why do you care? Because I believe that talking about Money Monster is worth my time and energy. Because it is not just another Hollywood movie that, no surprise, has been trashed by the critics (especially American critics) and that has performed so bad at the box office people are just making fun of it. I’m not going to say that the movie is fantastic, because it’s not, but it is way better than the public opinion has made you believe…because after all, how many of you have you seen it and how many of you have just been discouraged by the reviews and the general buzz?

Crash: Just as bad as you’d expect it to be

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As much as I hate to admit it, more often than not I talk about movies that I’ve never seen (because let’s face it, we all do). Personally, this was the case with Crash (Paul Haggins, 2004), the movie that for the past decade has been considered on of the biggest Oscar snubs ever (EVER), winning Best Picture the year Brokeback Mountain was meant to win all the awards. For the past few years I had been repeating over and over that Brokeback Mountain should have won the well-deserved best picture award because of the homophobic mentality of most of its voters. Anyway, since I’m a film student I thought it would be a good idea to watch Crash because perhaps I was being unfair and the movie wasn’t so bad after all and I was wrong… well, it turns out I wasn’t.

Happy Birthday Helen Mirren!

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It takes me so long to write anything right now (cause I was working and now I’m on holiday basically doing nothing all day) every time I publish anything has become such a special occasion. And today really is a special occasion because it’s my second favourite actress (and idol)’s birthday. Well, in case you haven’t read the title of this entry it’s Helen Mirren’s 70th birthday: HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE, SHE IS JUST SO PRETTY AND YOUNG SHE CAN’T POSSIBLY BE 70 (and the fact she’s the face of L’Oréal sort of proves she is still incredibly young). Anyway, I think it’s the 3rd entry I write about (something related to) Helen Mirren (the other two being a review on The Queen and another review on Love Ranch), so today’s article has to be different…because really, it’s Helen’s birthday and she deserves a great entry…

My Favourite Meryl Streep Performances

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Some days ago (actually quite a few days ago), June 22nd, was Meryl Streep’s birthday- who happens to be HER ROYAL HIGHNESS MAJESTIC QUEEN OF EVERYTHING Meryl Streep or simply the love of my life, Meryl Streep. Anyway, I was planning to publish this entry that same day but due to schedule conflicts I haven’t been able to post it until now, so here is it, after quite a long long long time without publishing anything (basically a month, I promise it won’t happen again). Actually, after thinking about it (and about the fact I haven’t published anything in sooooo long), this entry is sort of my own birthday present (cause it really was my birthday on July 4th) because I guess there’s nothing I’d rather talk about than Meryl.

Escrito sobre el viento, reflejo de una época

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Estamos llegando al momento del trimestre en el que cada vez es más difícil ir publicando artículos con cierta frecuencia (como de hecho lleva pasando las últimas semanas)…pero se trata de un problema de tiempo, no de ganas. Después de esta innecesaria justificación (¿por qué?), planteo el tema de hoy: siguiendo con la línea de artículos sobre la plasmación de la realidad en la historia del cine, me gustaría trata hoy una película de especial importancia para mí, Escrito sobre el viento (Written on the Wind) de Douglas Sirk. ¿Por qué me parece interesante? Por una parte por su director: Sirk es considerado uno de los grandes directores de melodramas de Hollywood, a través de los cuales transmite, de manera irónica, una crítica de la sociedad de consumo de los años 50 (¡el ciervo de Solo el cielo lo sabe!). Por otra, absolutamente personal, el reparto estelar, especialmente  Lauren Bacall (de la que he escrito dos artículos que podéis encontrar si os paseáis por el blog), y el magnífico Rock Hudson. Así que, en la mayor brevedad posible, el reflejo de la sociedad de consumo en este film de 1956.

Happy birthday Sofia Coppola!

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We’re at this point of the year when many many many things related to cinema happen and I basically don’t have time to write about it all… Anyway, Cannes Film Festival has started so I’m going to write about it….but just not today because 44 years ago one of my favourite directors (and screenwriters…at least contemporary directors-screenwriters) was born, Sofia Coppola. So basically I’m going to talk about this great artist’s career in film (it’d be rather complicated to talk about one picture because all of them are brilliant and it would almost be impossible to choose one).

Still Alice: A tribute to Richard Glatzer

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“And finally, to our filmmakers, Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer, who had hoped to be here tonight but they can’t because of Richard’s health. When Richard was diagnosed with ALS, Wash asked him what he wanted to do. Did he want to travel? Did he want to see the world? And he said that he wanted to make movies and that’s what he did” Julianne Moore’s Best Actress Oscar Speech.

Foto: Jojo Whilden/ Sony Pictures Classics

Source: Jojo Whilden/ Sony Pictures Classics

Last Tuesday, Still Alice co-director Richard Glatzer passed away at the age of 63, after battling ALS for four years. Glatzer directed Still Alice, which earned Julianne Moore a (well-deserved) Best Actress Oscar just a few weeks ago, alongside his husband Wash Westmoreland. When they were hired to adapt the original book (written by American neuroscientist Lisa Genova), Glatzer hadn’t been diagnosed yet and during the shooting of the film he was able to communicate with the cast and crew using an iPad. He just didn’t give up.